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Hart Custom Rifles SHop

1000YD Rest w/Base Plate Comp2 Top & Stop


The 1000YD rest is designed primarily for handling heavy benchrest rifles. The bottom casting is the same as our other rest except now we have put in larger 1″ diameter threaded stem for the top. The top is of the same design as our COMP 2 top with the capability of handling the 5″ and 6″ Owl ear bag necessary for the extra wide 1000yd rifles. The rest weighs in at about 17 pounds and can be used as any other rest, but with 1000yd rifles weighing up to 100 pounds. We have developed a plate that can be attached to the rest for better stability. The rest attaches to the plate through the legs and the plate now has a set of extra heavy adjusting screws for leveling. We have also attached a bubble level to the rear leg of the rest to make this easier for the shooter. The complete 1000yd set-up weighs 40 pounds. We have milled a handle in the plate for ease of carrying from bench to bench. Installation of rest on base plate free when you purchase RWH-N-H132 or RWH-N-H132A. Center Bushing Bearing Installed. (Sandbags are extra)


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