Bobby Hart’s Long Range Shooting School


“The pace is demanding, but the results are worth it!”

Our intensive 3-day Shooting School will provide you with the knowledge and skill to engage targets at long range. Most of our shooting is done between 300-800 yards.

Hart’s professional instructors are skilled in the art of long range shooting, utilizing Minute-of-angle correction, and Mil-radian range finding techniques. Our instructors will vary depending upon training schedules.

Classes are small, providing the student with more personalized instruction. Our unique blend of of instructors offer field proven techniques, allowing you to make that shot of a lifetime.

All shooting is done under realistic outdoor conditions. We shoot under the same conditions you may encounter in the field.

Our trained staff will provide detailed instruction and practical exercises in the following areas:

  • Equipment Selection
  • Ballistics
  • Range Finding
  • MOA Correction
  • Uphill-Downhill Shooting
  • Rifle Maintenance
  • Advanced Shooting Techniques

Breakfast & Lunch will be provided. If you use our rifles, you will have to pay $2.50 per round shot. Call (570) 752-3655 today for current rates and availability.

Become the shot you’ve always wanted to be!

Special corporate sessions are available.

Bobby Hart Shooting School schedule for 2019

April: 12-13-14
April: 26-27-28
May: 10-11-12
June: 7-8-9
June: 21-22-23
July: 5-6-7
August: 30-31-Sept. 1
September: 13-14-15

Reserve your spot today. Each class size is limited and may fill up quickly.