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4 Generations of Custom Rifle Builders
Building the most ACCURATE RIFLES Available!
Specializing in Long Range Shooting and Hunting, Custom Rifle Building and Reloading
We are not a "Cookie Cutter Gun Builder" We build each custom rifle to each clients exact specifications!
Long Range Shooting School! Learn to Shoot confidently out to 800 plus yards!

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Building Custom Long Range Rifles for over 60 Years

Other Services We Provide

Rifle Accurization

Make Your Favorite Rifle More Accurate

Gun Smithing

We Offer A Full Range Of Gun Smithing Services

Who We Are

For 60 Years we here at Harts have been custom building and modifying long range bolt action rifles! We have been leaders in the industry with cutting edge custom hunting, competition, and law enforcement parts and accessories. From rests to scopes, stocks to barrels, reloading equipment to cleaning accessories, we carry all you and your rifle will ever need! All firearm modifications and upgrades are performed to benchrest competition standards. We are a full firearm machine shop and expert gunsmith facility! With innovative products like our custom actions, muzzle brakes, rests and reloading tools, one can feel confident that they are dealing with one of the pioneers of long range accuracy! If you don’t see what you want or need, give us a call or drop us an email from our contact page! Thanks for visiting!