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Hart Rifle Accurization Package

Hart Accurizing Package-$439.99

  1. LAP THE BOLT LUGS: This will allow the lug surfaces to be in total contact with the receiver surface thus preventing crooked case heads which will deter from your accuracy.
  2. LAP THE BARREL:  This will remove any burrs or imperfections.  This will give you consistent velocities and less fouling of the barrel.
  3. TOUCH UP THE CROWN:  This is the most overlooked item in creating accuracy.  The bullet must exit the barrel evenly to eliminate flyers.  We use the same set-up as we use on our match rifles.
  4. ADJUST TRIGGER PULL: On rifles that have adjustable triggers (i.e Remington) we set them at a crisp 3 1/2lb. pull.  On non adjustable triggers we try to achieve a reasonable crisp pull.
  5. SKIM BED ACTION AND 2″ OF BARREL:  This process will “marry  the action to the stock” thus eliminating any uneven pressure or stress points.  This allows the barrel to be what is termed “free floating”.
  6. INSTALL RINGS, LAP RINGS, SCOPE AND LASER BORESIGHT:  This process will relieve any stress on the scope tube. Scope is not included in price.